Up At A Decent Hour

Today’s title is partially inspired by Buck 65 and partially by the fact that I really, really need a job. But I’m the prodigal son in this family, so who knows how that is going to work out.

To important news, Daisuke Matsuzaka signed with the Red Sox, they traded for Brendan Donnelly (RHP) (and signed J.C. Romero (LHP)), Vernon Wells (OFer) signed an extension with the Blue Jays and Jeff Bagwell (1B) retired with the Astros. I sincerely hope that Bagwell makes it to the Hall of Fame. Not only is he an ex-Red Sox prospect, but he is a power hitter with a high average and OBP, an excellent defender and an incredible base runner. He didn’t just run the bases well for a first baseman, he ran them well for anybody. 202 SBs for a 1st baseman? That’s almost unreal. The man was a dominant hitter in his time and should not be overlooked. I don’t expect him to be a first ballot inductee, but within two or three years of eligiblity I would hope that he is inducted.

As for complete randomness, I am so far behind in my bookmark upkeeping that it isn’t even funny. Let’s see if I can cover some of my latest ones:

Tilt HQ Wallpapers – A site for various celebrity wallpapers for your computer. Listed here simply because it was the last bookmark that I had added and I am working from the bottom up.

The Street Dogs – Stereotypical Boston Irish punk band. I don’t know anything about them other than that they exist. I’ll give them a more serious listen soon, especially if they play some cheap/free local shows. My limited exposure to them invokes the Dropkick Murphys, which makes complete sense.

The Sweet Colleens – A five piece Celtic band from Minnesota, the Colleens remind me of Great Big Sea without the pop radio influences. That said, I’ve really only heard two or three songs from them, so I’m not a definitive source by any means.

Beer and hot girls – I need no other words.

Kiss & Blog – I have absolutely no idea how I got this link, but one must suffer through it I suppose. I find it funny. As for the December 9th entry… I must rank it this way:

1. Say nothing.
2. Hug her.
3. Say nothing.
4. Hope like hell it stops.
5. Don’t speak again until she speaks first.

Wickedwiki – A wiki about Boston! Kind of. It calls itself ‘a Boston wiki with a JP bias.’

Total Eclipse of the Heart at 90 MPH. This one has been sitting in my bookmarks for a while but I just couldn’t bring myself to linking or deleting it. I’m finally linking to it while deleting it. Plus the girl is cute. That helps. And it reminds me of all those love songs Nelli and Justin would sing to each other…. except they’d be much more gay.

Renee Olstead, jazzy/blues singer. Great voice, red hair, hot. Aside from wanting to jump by bones, is there anything better?

It’s all about The Delicious Life. “However, neither butcher nor baker, I am an obsessive list maker…

And last but not least, Americans Celebrate 10 Millionth ‘Bring Yourself To Work Day’. We suck.

Edit – I suppose my theme song for the night, at least for the amusement of Teresa, Kori (who called me) and Meghan (who drank with me), is Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced from the Dropkick Murphys, despite not even having much of a buzz at all. Mostly it’s because I finally opened up my mini-keg of homebrew and determined that it holds 12-15 beers, as I’m 8 or so into it at this point and have a bit less than half remaining. But that still leaves me with an entire mini-keg aside from this one, so I suppose that I am all set for the holiday season.


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