It’s amusing how music, smells and other senses can instantly recall to yourself certain moments in time that you otherwise may not have remembered. My weekend plans were cancelled due to parties other than myself, so my night was filled with the Patriots, Red Sox and pizza. But as for the music, I’m currently listening to Kings Of Leon, who were recommended to my by one of the rangers my group worked with on my trip to Australia. Their music made me think of the dinner and campfire evening at the same ranger’s home (that he built with his own hands) in the middle of the Australian bush. His house was actually in the middle of a nature reserve that had a small plot in the middle that was privately owned by himself. Great location, that was a fun night.

I’m also on my own for the weekend in every sense of the word as my so-called housemate is away for a couple of days in Vermont and all of my friends have previous or more important engagements. It’s getting to the point where I need to find a place of my own, but with that unfortunately comes the responsibility of a job in the real world. Scary. Responsibility. Ugh.

If you can follow along: listening to music because my plans got cancelled led me to thinking of the man who built his own house combined with the thoughts of getting my own place, which makes me think of what I would ultimately like to have all to myself*.

It must be the German in me, but I can become obsessed with efficiency and I’m already big on trying to make as little impact on the environment as reasonably possible. Sure I eat meat, which consumes a ridiculous amount of resources in and of itself, along with other every day stuff. But on the whole I would like to figure out a lifestyle that incorporates smaller environmental impact than most people, more efficient ways to use things I have to (like hot water) and still find a way to travel every couple of years.

*The phrase “all to myself” does not exclude any cute girl who would like to share it with me. I am currently taking applications. Ex-girlfriends of mine need not apply.

As I still need to clean out bookmarks, here are a few more pieces of internet ephemera…

The Pipettes were the main subject of a previous entry of mine. YouTube has their videos for Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me as well as Pull Shapes, easily their two best songs in my opinion.

If you like Indian food and would love to get some in your own home but don’t know how to make anything, buy these. I’ve only had the Tikka Masala and Vindaloo varieties, but they were both quite good. All you have to do is slightly cook whatever meat you want, pour in some of the sauce, simmer for a while, then eat. Simple and tasty.

The Onion provides a brilliant satire about Major League Baseball and the constant whining that teams provide when they want a new stadium to be paid for by the tax payers.

Some guy draws in sand and puts my 5th grade artistic achievements to shame.

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