Dusty Old Folders

With nothing better to do on this Sunday night, I’m cleaning up my bookmark folders. I haven’t done this in a couple of months so there’s bound to be some interesting and completely random links to peruse, like this one.

God Is A DJ is a cool video I found during some random wanderings. It’s eight minutes long, so make sure you have some time set aside and that music won’t be a problem. Unintended consequences abound. Like when I accidentally did something and then a whole bunch of other accidents followed. Once. Maybe.

All Hallow’s Eve – Like killing zombies? Of course you do. What red blooded American doesn’t? Here’s a nice little flash game that lets you do just that. I sunk a few hours into the game earlier this year before finally getting bored with it.

The infamous Christmas Lights that flash in rhythm to the music broadcast over a short wave radio station. The guy got his house onto a beer commercial this past holiday season.

Just Letters is a stupid little game that mimics having a bunch of magnetic letters on the front of a fridge – except you aren’t the only one playing with them.

What Would Tyler Durden Do? follows the inane lives of celebrities and psuedo-celebrities. I mostly go there for stuff like this.

Ever wonder what the Simpson’s hometown of Springfield looks like on a roadmap? Well, me neither. But apparently someone does.

The Australian Flag – Hey, it’s almost just like my tattoo! Except I don’t have the Commonwealth Star, the Southern Cross is crooked on mine, and the flag is inside an outline of the country of Australia. But still, I used this graphic for learning the names of the actual stars in the Cross. Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta-Epsilon.

Oh no. A competitor service.

I have several dozen old links that I’ll eventually get around to deleting, but not tonight. This can only interesting be for so long after all.

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