Clean Slate

When I get incomprehensibly bored, I will either cook something or clean/organize my stuff. I believe it’s mostly because they can be very time consuming activities with a slow, relaxing pace. When I do my cleaning/organizational act, I will sometimes take it to an extreme and start everything from scratch. Move everything out of an area (generally my room), decide what to keep or get rid of, and clean each piece of furniture and whatnot before putting it back where it was. Working from a clean slate, as it were. This pattern has been clearly established in my personal habits whether it be furniture, putting music in my iPod, or rebuilding a baseball team in OOTP.

A similar thing happened here, as I found I wasn’t using the site for the purpose I had originally intended and was bored with it. So, I deleted everything and am starting it over. It probably won’t improve any, but I’ll give it a shot.

The planned changes are discussed behind the cut.

1) Make regular entries.

2) Discuss actual topics, avoiding simply telling of the latest trip to the bar every weekend and personal drama. Though bar tales are inevitable.

3) The creation of the Upcoming Shows list, which mentions Boston area shows with lesser known bands (my favorite kind!) that I would like to attend. I doubt I’ll ever get to more than twenty percent of them, if that, but this way I have a spot to list them so I remember them. Some shows will have more bands than the ones I list, such as the September 9th show that has four or so bands but I’m only interested in one of them. I hope to keep this constantly updated, which should be easier as the touring season comes to an end with the passing of summer.

4) Spotlight a new musical act every once in a while, as I have an eclectic taste and seem to prefer non-mainstream bands. They’re all worthy of more attention and this can be my small part to get them maybe one more listener. None of my friends listen to my music recommendations anyways, so now I can force them upon anyone who may read this place.

5) Don’t take myself too seriously, since I know my friend Teresa is the only one who actually really reads what I write here.

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