And the warm weather continues

Because I couldn’t come up with a better title…

This weather is pretty much just too warm. I tend to consider myself 5 degrees warmer than most other people, so anything over 75 just causes me to get hot and sweaty and regret that I live anywhere but northern Canadia.

Irregardless, I was out enjoying some of the afternoon warmth by strolling around Cambridge from Central to Harvard and back before topping it off with some delicious Indian food at whatever the place next to the Plough & Stars is called. It’s literally across the street (on the same side as Mass. Ave) as the Plough. $8 luncheon buffet and worth every penny. I could do with a little more thickness in my Mango Lassi and a little less ice cubes, but otherwise I can’t complain. The vegetables were delicious. I should have asked what they were spiced with.

I also saw Spider-Man 3 today and greatly enjoyed that. The special effects were nice and Venom absolutely rocked. I was never much of a comic book reader, but I always loved Venom and Carnage. I guess I just have a soft spot for psychopathic serial killers, what can I say?

Other than that and my perpetual half-assed search for a real job, not much is going on. I have a friend visiting from Seattle in July, but that’s pretty far off. The Sox slaughtered the Blue Jays and that’s about it. Adios.

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