And the warm weather continues

Because I couldn’t come up with a better title…

This weather is pretty much just too warm. I tend to consider myself 5 degrees warmer than most other people, so anything over 75 just causes me to get hot and sweaty and regret that I live anywhere but northern Canadia.

Irregardless, I was out enjoying some of the afternoon warmth by strolling around Cambridge from Central to Harvard and back before topping it off with some delicious Indian food at whatever the place next to the Plough & Stars is called. It’s literally across the street (on the same side as Mass. Ave) as the Plough. $8 luncheon buffet and worth every penny. I could do with a little more thickness in my Mango Lassi and a little less ice cubes, but otherwise I can’t complain. The vegetables were delicious. I should have asked what they were spiced with.

I also saw Spider-Man 3 today and greatly enjoyed that. The special effects were nice and Venom absolutely rocked. I was never much of a comic book reader, but I always loved Venom and Carnage. I guess I just have a soft spot for psychopathic serial killers, what can I say?

Other than that and my perpetual half-assed search for a real job, not much is going on. I have a friend visiting from Seattle in July, but that’s pretty far off. The Sox slaughtered the Blue Jays and that’s about it. Adios.

Up At A Decent Hour

Today’s title is partially inspired by Buck 65 and partially by the fact that I really, really need a job. But I’m the prodigal son in this family, so who knows how that is going to work out.

To important news, Daisuke Matsuzaka signed with the Red Sox, they traded for Brendan Donnelly (RHP) (and signed J.C. Romero (LHP)), Vernon Wells (OFer) signed an extension with the Blue Jays and Jeff Bagwell (1B) retired with the Astros. I sincerely hope that Bagwell makes it to the Hall of Fame. Not only is he an ex-Red Sox prospect, but he is a power hitter with a high average and OBP, an excellent defender and an incredible base runner. He didn’t just run the bases well for a first baseman, he ran them well for anybody. 202 SBs for a 1st baseman? That’s almost unreal. The man was a dominant hitter in his time and should not be overlooked. I don’t expect him to be a first ballot inductee, but within two or three years of eligiblity I would hope that he is inducted.

As for complete randomness, I am so far behind in my bookmark upkeeping that it isn’t even funny. Let’s see if I can cover some of my latest ones:

Tilt HQ Wallpapers – A site for various celebrity wallpapers for your computer. Listed here simply because it was the last bookmark that I had added and I am working from the bottom up.

The Street Dogs – Stereotypical Boston Irish punk band. I don’t know anything about them other than that they exist. I’ll give them a more serious listen soon, especially if they play some cheap/free local shows. My limited exposure to them invokes the Dropkick Murphys, which makes complete sense.

The Sweet Colleens – A five piece Celtic band from Minnesota, the Colleens remind me of Great Big Sea without the pop radio influences. That said, I’ve really only heard two or three songs from them, so I’m not a definitive source by any means.

Beer and hot girls – I need no other words.

Kiss & Blog – I have absolutely no idea how I got this link, but one must suffer through it I suppose. I find it funny. As for the December 9th entry… I must rank it this way:

1. Say nothing.
2. Hug her.
3. Say nothing.
4. Hope like hell it stops.
5. Don’t speak again until she speaks first.

Wickedwiki – A wiki about Boston! Kind of. It calls itself ‘a Boston wiki with a JP bias.’

Total Eclipse of the Heart at 90 MPH. This one has been sitting in my bookmarks for a while but I just couldn’t bring myself to linking or deleting it. I’m finally linking to it while deleting it. Plus the girl is cute. That helps. And it reminds me of all those love songs Nelli and Justin would sing to each other…. except they’d be much more gay.

Renee Olstead, jazzy/blues singer. Great voice, red hair, hot. Aside from wanting to jump by bones, is there anything better?

It’s all about The Delicious Life. “However, neither butcher nor baker, I am an obsessive list maker…

And last but not least, Americans Celebrate 10 Millionth ‘Bring Yourself To Work Day’. We suck.

Edit – I suppose my theme song for the night, at least for the amusement of Teresa, Kori (who called me) and Meghan (who drank with me), is Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced from the Dropkick Murphys, despite not even having much of a buzz at all. Mostly it’s because I finally opened up my mini-keg of homebrew and determined that it holds 12-15 beers, as I’m 8 or so into it at this point and have a bit less than half remaining. But that still leaves me with an entire mini-keg aside from this one, so I suppose that I am all set for the holiday season.


Clean Slate

When I get incomprehensibly bored, I will either cook something or clean/organize my stuff. I believe it’s mostly because they can be very time consuming activities with a slow, relaxing pace. When I do my cleaning/organizational act, I will sometimes take it to an extreme and start everything from scratch. Move everything out of an area (generally my room), decide what to keep or get rid of, and clean each piece of furniture and whatnot before putting it back where it was. Working from a clean slate, as it were. This pattern has been clearly established in my personal habits whether it be furniture, putting music in my iPod, or rebuilding a baseball team in OOTP.

A similar thing happened here, as I found I wasn’t using the site for the purpose I had originally intended and was bored with it. So, I deleted everything and am starting it over. It probably won’t improve any, but I’ll give it a shot.

The planned changes are discussed behind the cut.

1) Make regular entries.

2) Discuss actual topics, avoiding simply telling of the latest trip to the bar every weekend and personal drama. Though bar tales are inevitable.

3) The creation of the Upcoming Shows list, which mentions Boston area shows with lesser known bands (my favorite kind!) that I would like to attend. I doubt I’ll ever get to more than twenty percent of them, if that, but this way I have a spot to list them so I remember them. Some shows will have more bands than the ones I list, such as the September 9th show that has four or so bands but I’m only interested in one of them. I hope to keep this constantly updated, which should be easier as the touring season comes to an end with the passing of summer.

4) Spotlight a new musical act every once in a while, as I have an eclectic taste and seem to prefer non-mainstream bands. They’re all worthy of more attention and this can be my small part to get them maybe one more listener. None of my friends listen to my music recommendations anyways, so now I can force them upon anyone who may read this place.

5) Don’t take myself too seriously, since I know my friend Teresa is the only one who actually really reads what I write here.

Dusty Old Folders

With nothing better to do on this Sunday night, I’m cleaning up my bookmark folders. I haven’t done this in a couple of months so there’s bound to be some interesting and completely random links to peruse, like this one.

God Is A DJ is a cool video I found during some random wanderings. It’s eight minutes long, so make sure you have some time set aside and that music won’t be a problem. Unintended consequences abound. Like when I accidentally did something and then a whole bunch of other accidents followed. Once. Maybe.

All Hallow’s Eve – Like killing zombies? Of course you do. What red blooded American doesn’t? Here’s a nice little flash game that lets you do just that. I sunk a few hours into the game earlier this year before finally getting bored with it.

The infamous Christmas Lights that flash in rhythm to the music broadcast over a short wave radio station. The guy got his house onto a beer commercial this past holiday season.

Just Letters is a stupid little game that mimics having a bunch of magnetic letters on the front of a fridge – except you aren’t the only one playing with them.

What Would Tyler Durden Do? follows the inane lives of celebrities and psuedo-celebrities. I mostly go there for stuff like this.

Ever wonder what the Simpson’s hometown of Springfield looks like on a roadmap? Well, me neither. But apparently someone does.

The Australian Flag – Hey, it’s almost just like my tattoo! Except I don’t have the Commonwealth Star, the Southern Cross is crooked on mine, and the flag is inside an outline of the country of Australia. But still, I used this graphic for learning the names of the actual stars in the Cross. Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta-Epsilon.

Oh no. A competitor service.

I have several dozen old links that I’ll eventually get around to deleting, but not tonight. This can only interesting be for so long after all.


It’s amusing how music, smells and other senses can instantly recall to yourself certain moments in time that you otherwise may not have remembered. My weekend plans were cancelled due to parties other than myself, so my night was filled with the Patriots, Red Sox and pizza. But as for the music, I’m currently listening to Kings Of Leon, who were recommended to my by one of the rangers my group worked with on my trip to Australia. Their music made me think of the dinner and campfire evening at the same ranger’s home (that he built with his own hands) in the middle of the Australian bush. His house was actually in the middle of a nature reserve that had a small plot in the middle that was privately owned by himself. Great location, that was a fun night.

I’m also on my own for the weekend in every sense of the word as my so-called housemate is away for a couple of days in Vermont and all of my friends have previous or more important engagements. It’s getting to the point where I need to find a place of my own, but with that unfortunately comes the responsibility of a job in the real world. Scary. Responsibility. Ugh.

If you can follow along: listening to music because my plans got cancelled led me to thinking of the man who built his own house combined with the thoughts of getting my own place, which makes me think of what I would ultimately like to have all to myself*.

It must be the German in me, but I can become obsessed with efficiency and I’m already big on trying to make as little impact on the environment as reasonably possible. Sure I eat meat, which consumes a ridiculous amount of resources in and of itself, along with other every day stuff. But on the whole I would like to figure out a lifestyle that incorporates smaller environmental impact than most people, more efficient ways to use things I have to (like hot water) and still find a way to travel every couple of years.

*The phrase “all to myself” does not exclude any cute girl who would like to share it with me. I am currently taking applications. Ex-girlfriends of mine need not apply.

As I still need to clean out bookmarks, here are a few more pieces of internet ephemera…

The Pipettes were the main subject of a previous entry of mine. YouTube has their videos for Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me as well as Pull Shapes, easily their two best songs in my opinion.

If you like Indian food and would love to get some in your own home but don’t know how to make anything, buy these. I’ve only had the Tikka Masala and Vindaloo varieties, but they were both quite good. All you have to do is slightly cook whatever meat you want, pour in some of the sauce, simmer for a while, then eat. Simple and tasty.

The Onion provides a brilliant satire about Major League Baseball and the constant whining that teams provide when they want a new stadium to be paid for by the tax payers.

Some guy draws in sand and puts my 5th grade artistic achievements to shame.

I Can Hear Music

Just a quick musical update as I don’t have time for much else as I absolutely need to sleep.

If anyone is interested, Milquetoast is going to be at All Asia tomorrow night around 7pm. Some friends and I will be there as well and I’ll be the short blonde guy with glasses. Al, Nelli, Scott, Marisa, anyone reading this, etc. – any of you who show will be more than welcome to a drink on my expense.

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That

For some reason or another I have an urge to write tonight, but I don’t have anything specific that I wish to write about. The result is going to be an opening of the floodgates of the mind, so tread carefully.

The safe thing about telling your friends that you’ll buy them a drink if they show up somewhere is that you’re pretty damn sure they won’t actually show up. Nobody arrived unexpectedly so it stayed a small, fun group at the bar until 10pm then at Matt’s place until 2 or 3am. Tonight’s title is a lyric (if not the title) from a Milquetoast song. I like Cambridge’s Central Square, you can find almost anything there it seems and there are certainly plenty of places to have dinner.

There’s more to see below.

So what the hell has happened to the Red Sox? A few incorrect player evaluations (Crisp is not Johnny Damon, Beckett is still a thrower and not a pitcher), a reliance upon young and fragile (psyche-wise) arms, the utter demolition of the health of the team all season…

That said, I like what the organization has done this year even if the product on the field has become dissapointing. Johnny Damon is aging and history says his production will drop off, so it’s only natural to replace him with a younger player who is going to be playing into his peak over the next few seasons. Josh Beckett hasn’t paid off (yet), but it was the proper move to make at the time. You spend a few prospects that may or may not succeed at the major league level and you get yourself a pitcher with the talent to be a number 1 or a number 2. You trade a surplus part (Bronson Arroyo) for a risk that could become a huge payoff (Pena). The free agent market this offseason for power hitters is going to be very, very thin. The Sox struck early by getting Pena (especially with Trot Nixon going into FA this year) and hoping he develops. The young arms in the bullpen are worth protecting, even if they only become league average or slightly better. They are going to provide you with several years of cheap service time, allowing you to turn around and spend that saved money elsewhere. The Sox are trying to become a player development organization that fills in gaps with quality free agents while maintaining a 90-95 win record and $100 million payroll. You do this by sticking with your young players and replacing your aging veterans one by one with younger, supposedly better players. This is exactly what they are doing, even if it hasn’t worked yet. Stick to the plan, Theo.

Ah, yes. My reading list. I haven’t read either The Natural or The Catcher In The Rye in years. Some of The Natural is oddly phrased, but then it’s an old book. The Catcher In The Rye is so… I don’t know. But I like it. “This fall I think you’re riding for – it’s a special kind of fall, a horrible kind. The man falling isn’t permitted to feel or hear himself hit bottom. He just keeps falling and falling. The whole arrangement’s designed for men who, at some time or other in their lives, were looking for something their own environment couldn’t supply them with. Or they thought their own environment couldn’t supply them with. So they gave up looking. They gave it up before they ever really even got started. You follow me?”

My bookmark list is the most uncontrolled mess it has ever been, so here’s some more for you to enjoy or ignore. These will pretty much be the ones I need to delete.

Want some traditional folk music from Northern Europe? There’s a lot of selections there so I’m sure something must be good, but I’m not going to be the one to look for the gems.

Brewopoly is the best version of Monopoly that I have ever played. Back in July I was in on a six player game that lasted several hours – my kind of game. Especially since we had so much beer to drink. My goal would be to own this game and have a marathon gaming session accompanied by every beer in the game. If you land on that spot, you have to pour yourself a sip of that beer company’s product.

Hey, The Paddock!

I believe I bookmarked the GFDC after seeing some wood floor product of theirs on HGTV. Why did I bookmark it? I’m not exactly swimming in the cash to build my own home.

Random Wikipedia entry about warfare. I believed I used it in a discussion online about terrorism.

DeezTeez, bookmarked for the greatness that is “Make Like A Tree And Get The Fuck Out Of Here,” “Vandelay Industries,” “Hey Fuck Ass Give Me A Beer,” and “The Night Is Only Wasted If I’m Not.”The Boondock Saints is such a good movie. No, Teresa, they aren’t really brothers.

Want to watch a concert from the comfort of your computer without bothering going outside the law? Check out FabChannel. I haven’t tried it yet, but they have Flogging Molly on there so it can’t be all bad. FM have given me the two best concerts I’ve ever seen.

And the last one for tonight… because I was bored late one night after watching Underworld, I checked to see if Corvinus actually existed. Guess he did. And how ridiculously beautiful is Kate Beckinsale?